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Kora Kurgun

As a young woman, guided by family principles, I went to college and graduated in law. Towards the end of my studies, I knew I was too sensitive to pursue this profession. Besides, I always said, "I can't possibly do one thing for my whole life, can I?" I jumped into the deep end and went to work 9-5. For 2 years, I dealt with marketing, advertisements, and especially project management. I couldn't stop thinking about the ideas swirling around in my head and finally realizing them to live freely.

Thanks to all those sacrifices and tough decisions, I'm here today as the Founder of Dashy and Founder of HAPPIES.

Check out our landing page and subscribe to join our awesome, trendy newsletter on www.dashy.so.

P.S. HAPPIES will be launching soon and will bring joy to your pups.

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